Feedback Received From Satisfied Clients

Hi my name is Marie.

 I am 50 years young thanks to Britt and getting younger every day.

Britt took me from water only exercise to doing exercises that I never dreamed I could do including pump, boxing, spin and most importantly personal training.

She has given me a new lease on life and has been one of the most important people in my lifestyle change.

—Marie C.

New lease on life

“After three weeks travelling and 8 flights, I found myself in Perth and that is when I met Britt Brennan. Clearly low on energy I was offered a treatment, which I gladly accepted with both arms. I’m pleased to say that after an hour I felt amazing and like I had just woken from a 12 hour sleep. So if you are looking to get into shape, physically, mentally or emotionally – please work with Britt Brennan.”

—Dale J Beaumont

Business Blueprint

It’s been a few months now since my first testimonial and I have progressed with my training into other areas now.

Thanks to Britt I have been able to return to track racing after 20yrs, together with a high class of racing cyclists who have been to the Nationals for road and track.

I have to work hard to maintain this fitness level, and no other person can do this but you, there is always a way to achieve the level you want.

Britt pushes me to this level and I need her to do this to me to get to my goals in cycling.

I love the challenges it`s the best way to improve by having someone else better than yourself, the classes have helped me be fit for cycling, and able to race against juniors.

I have not gained inches or weight in fact I have lost 3ks in the last 2mnths just by being consistent in my training.

It is great now with the new location and different training programs all the time, as that’s how I keep going by doing different workouts, so when the going gets tough remember the tough get going!

Dec 2011

—Rose Sellar

Walkabout Wellness Participant

Britts unique training style pushes you to your limits and then a little more.

Her no-nonsense approach and innovative work-outs give me a great workout with good humor added free of charge.

Britt continually updates her skills – bringing new techniques and elements to each session!

—Cherie B.

Extremely Busy Mother

It has been great having you as a group instructor Britt!

The no nonsense approach is what you provide and is more effective than some other instructors who treat it as a social outing instead of an exercise class!

—Ironman Chris

I have been training with Britt at Walkabout Wellness since the end of August 2010 with the target of loosing a few kilos (like every bride does before her big day)

…and I did it – lost 6 kilos and have got so much more than just weight loss out of the program. My fitness is better and feel more able to cope with the stress of planning my wedding…

Thanks Britt !

—Sam G.

AuRevoir Travel

Britt, if it was not for you I would never have ventured out of the pool – I cant thank you enough for the coaching guidance and encouragement that you have given me over the past years to get to where I am – a much fitter healthier happier person – thanks for everything – and so looking forward to our continued relationship in the years ahead.


Thought i would put it in writing how you have made me down size. A year ago, i was not budging those inches, almost going to the next size up! From size 16 i now am easily fitting a 12/14.

I have been going to the gym for sometime now, and I mean years doing various workouts with many different instructors.

It has been a big plus to have Britt as my instructor as she pushes me and always offers variety, which i need to get the most out off my workouts.

Now that summer is here, I went to put on my shorts from last year and they fell to my ankles WOW thats gr8 news, this is really working, and it makes me want to do more exercise knowing the results i can get.

I would recommend Britt to anyone to anyone looking for results and a very pleasant person to be with, I can`t speak highly enough of her.

Hope to see you out with us soon!

—Rose Sellar

Herb Graham Class Participant

I first came into contact with Britt in late December 2008. I had reluctantly decided to start exercising. At that time I met Britt as the Aqua Aerobics instructor; and from that day forward I was hooked on her classes.

I now attend her Boxing and BodyPump classes and have my young daughter doing Personal Training with her.

Britt has the wonderful ability to bring out in you what you never thought possible. She will make you work to your best and still work you more. All the while you are loving every moment.

I cannot recommend Britt enough to anyone. She has helped me find my self esteem and boosted my confidence.

Thanks a million for knocking out the couch potato in me!

—Helen C.

Medical Receptionist

My 12 year old son attended Britt’s Teen fitness classes over the October 2011 school holidays and thoroughly had so much fun with his friends and the program put together by Britt. It was great to see his enthusiasm every day and the improvement in fitness over the 2weeks. Bring on a teen fitness session ASAP and he’ll be there.


Walkabout Wellness Participant