No More Mr Fat Guy

The following is the latest feed from the No More Mr Fat Guy blog. This site follows the progress of Gary, a “remote” member of the Walkabout Wellness family, from overweight developer and consultant to a fit, healthy marathon runner. No More Mr Fat Guy is a practical experiment proving that what the mind can conceive and believe, CAN be achieved.

  • it’s beginning to sink in

    I wasn’t sure what to write about today – would I simply post about how it was a rest day? would i perhaps write about having one final sports massage to make sure I’m as ready as possible for Sunday?... Read More ›

  • last “fast” run day

    so today I did my final relatively fast run. a couple of kms warming up, 6.5km at a 5:50-6:10 pace, then a short walk and stretch to cool down. it’s starting to sink in. I have one more run on... Read More ›

  • OMFG…

    it’s happening. it’s really happening. this week. I fly in 3 days. I run in 6. The London Marathon. The London Marathon!!!!!!! Yes, I’m excited. I completed a long slow 16km taper run yesterday, I have 2 more runs on... Read More ›

  • running for a reason

    1977, I was 8 years old, they were on holiday, staying with their son and his family. staying with my uncle, auntie and cousins. we’d probably seen them a few days before – we saw them regularly. we were all... Read More ›

  • the new era starts next week

    in a recent Facebook post, I signalled that some changes were coming; essentally picking a theme each week, and using that theme to create content for the “weekly dollop of awesome”, blog posts and the NMMFG TV video. just for... Read More ›

  • there are no magical silver bullets

    there’s an awful lot written and said, on the internet, in books, via audio programs, about personal development, self-improvement. living a happy life. there’s a million and one opinions, some new age, some scientific, some metaphysical. some of the content... Read More ›

  • flaws

    oh what a difference a few days can make… first things first – my doctor suspects my ab/groin discomfort is due to a possible hernia. that has yet to be verified, and an ultrasound scan on march 24th will hopefully... Read More ›

  • learn? but i want to have patience right now!

    It’s been an interesting couple of weeks; long run meltdowns and terrible tempo runs, mixed in with highly rewarding relaxed pace runs of varying lengths. All creating opportunities to reflect and, ultimately, leading me here. To the local GP surgery,... Read More ›

  • be bold, be brave, be strong, live life

    today’s daily journal post, and song of the day (from which these posts get their title), was entitled “brave”. and it made me wonder how many of us wish we were braver? brave enough to pursue our passion brave enough... Read More ›

  • brave

    As you will have spotted by now, I often use running as an analogy for other aspects of life – and talk about the lessons that running can teach us… Well today’s lesson has something to do with staying calm,... Read More ›