No More Mr Fat Guy

The following is the latest feed from the No More Mr Fat Guy blog. This site follows the progress of Gary, a “remote” member of the Walkabout Wellness family, from overweight developer and consultant to a fit, healthy marathon runner. No More Mr Fat Guy is a practical experiment proving that what the mind can conceive and believe, CAN be achieved.

  • a message to sir richard branson

    a message to Sir Richard Branson to ask for support in the quest to travel from Perth to Brisbane by foot in 2015.

  • i is for information

    the one where nmmfg talks about why you should be armed with some information, but how you also need to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of information overload…

  • h is for happiness

    the one where nmmfg talks about lots of happy things and how to live a happy life

  • running a marathon saved my life

    Almost 12 months ago I had one of those life-changing experiences you hear about every now and then. It wasn’t an “afterlife” experience, though at times I’m sure I felt like I was dying (melodramatic much lol), it wasn’t a... Read More ›

  • “mr fat guy” was a creation of my own self-delusion…

    it dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t taken any progress photos for a while, so I took a few selfies to upload to the photo archives page on the website (note to self: still haven’t done that... Read More ›

  • g is for gratitude

    the one where nmmfg talks about being grateful but not letting that stop you from wanting more…

  • f is for feelings

    the one where nmmfg talks about why feelings are an important indicator that can tell you whether you are on track or not

  • Remember this simple message. Never ever give up.

    Don’t give up on dreams. Don’t give up on goals. Don’t give up on people, places, experiences, feelings or anything whatsoever that holds a lot of meaning for you. Life will throw things at you, circumstances will try to persuade... Read More ›

  • e is for excuses

    the one where nmmfg talks about why excuses are just symptoms of more fundamental issues, and how understanding those will cause the excuses to simply melt away

  • following your heart

    isn’t it great when you get one of those lightbulb moments, where a connection is made and you discover something that was sitting there all along, hidden in full view? this may seem a little silly, but I just realised... Read More ›