Indoor Rowing


We use Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machines to train our bodies from the inside out with the best low impact high return exercise out there. When you train on the rower effectively, you are able to build up your fitness level without stressing out your joints, perfect for all populations.
Whether you are a cardiac patient recovering from heart surgery, an athlete looking to safely cross train to improve performance or rehabilitate from an injury, or a person starting out on a new fitness program, nothing gets you fitter faster than rowing.

Working all of your muscles together is one of the quickest ways to get fit!

Try out indoor rowing for a low impact high result workout
Studies show indoor rowing requires less time for the same workout, simply due to it using all the major muscle groups together
Walkabout Wellness is launching a new and exciting group fitness experience using Concept2 Indoor rowing machines in as similar manner to a spin(cycle) class.

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