Important Massage Information

Walkabout Wellness provides a range of effective massage therapy solutions including;

Remedial massage identifies and releases muscles with the aim of posture correction

Sports massage targets and releases areas of overuse, injury or muscular compensation

S.C.E.N.A.R with Joss Lester will give you an understanding of the source of chronic pain conditions

Relaxation massage will relieve stress and tension focusing on the neck, shoulders and back areas


Walkabout Wellness provides a strictly non sexual massage philosophy that supports both male and female therapists

Often males have a hard time entering the massage industry due to an unrealistic and discriminatory view that links massage to sexual activities

When a person visits a medical centre to see a doctor, a chiropractor, physiotherapist or similar they are not generally concerned with whether the practitioner is male or female

There is no difference with massage therapy and males go through the same training as females do and are likely to have been even more trained on matters of discretion simply due to the stigma that exists

Walkabout Wellness can do its part in balancing out this unfair treatment by providing a non sexist environment for massage therapy

There are many clinics who are happy to place a person with male or female by their choice and we will refer onto them anyone who required specific gender treatments

We employ fantastic therapists and invite you to book in via email with your best available times and days